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Watch the new Royal Flush Super Slide video!

The Royal Flush is now open!
Lazy River opening Friday 4.8.16 at 3PM. 

All riders must wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jacket. Bring your own or wear one of ours.

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Hump-day!!! Come flush away the midweek hump- then relax on the lazy river! It's a beautiful day, don't waste it stuck inside. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kaytlyn JohnsonComing first weekend in June!3 hours ago
Laurie Spencer CooperReady we are coming in June yayyy!!!3 hours ago

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Sunsets don't get much better then this! Come ride the cables or kick back in the bar and grill and enjoy the view!
Share and comment the most beautiful place you enjoyed a sunset!
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BSR Cable ParkSarah LaRue Wade Winner winner!!55 minutes ago   ·  12
Will LangleyMy backyard with family and bbq has been the best. But would love to see what it looks like from the Cabin and lazy river of the BSR park!!17 hours ago
Shawna BaughI enjoyed God's beautiful creation on a AWESOME 7 day cruise with my AWESOME HUSBAND Jimmy Baugh. I would love to win these passes and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the lazy river with my AWESOME HUSBAND Jimmy Baugh17 hours ago
Margy PykaMy family has always loved sunsets. It may sound redundant and like a "cop-out" of the intention behind the question...but I'm serious. We call every sunset "God's art", and we enjoy and bask in the pure awe of the work of God's hand. It's amazing!3 hours ago
Bryan MoreyThe best sunset I can recall is 3 yrs ago when my daughter for married on the beach in Destin Florida and the sunset behind her was just Beautiful. But Texas also has some Great Sunsets and I bet they are pretty spectacular at BSR park!15 hours ago
Megan LavellePort Aransas this past weekend was amazing! The weather was pretty nasty until the last night we were there and I managed to get a shot through the gloom of the clouds.17 hours ago
Melissa E. ZeidlerI remembered enjoying a beautiful sunset in Manzanillo mx with couple of my cousins, and sadly one of them is no longer with us..17 hours ago
Amber UrreyAnywhere is a beautiful sunset!! It's God's creation why wouldn't it be beautiful :-) the key it to make time to watch the sunset at anyplace :-)17 hours ago
Levi RingerThe beach in galveston when sun came up and sun went down. Gorgeous view, that and on these power plants we built being up in the iron watching it from 200+ft in the air... amazing13 hours ago
Victoria MataSan Diego has the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Id love to catch one at BSR Cable Park though!! Post shared17 hours ago
Lauren DisneyShared! Wow, we've traveled a lot through the years. But I think my favorite spot was watching the sunset from the balcony of our cruise ship balcony (with my husband) on my birthday trip 4 years ago. I'd LOVE to win a getaway to BSR with him since these days we RARELY have a chance to do that! 😉17 hours ago
Peggy BakerI visited my mother before she passed away in Boulder Colorado... I could sit outside her apartment and watch the sun fade away behind the mountains with all the snow on was absolutely breathtaking... I loved every minute of it17 hours ago
Rebecca Saverino LynnThe most beautiful place I have enjoyed a sunset was on the white sands of Guam! Three years on an island was wonderful, then they sent us to Abilene, TX......How I miss the water!17 hours ago
Michelle Craven sunset is when we moved to El Paso. We have traveled all over the world, and Texas has some of the best sunsets we've ever seen.14 hours ago
Patricia JohnsonTook my mom on a trip to California from Texas after my dad passed away and the most beautiful sites were the mountains with snow caps and the pink and purple skies behind it as the sunset..... breathtaking!!!16 hours ago
Crystal ScottPigeon forge Tennessee was one of the prettiest sunsets I had ever seen, but since coming to Texas I have seen many beautiful sunsets here also16 hours ago
Tracie ThomsonWhy don't you ever give away passes to that new fangled pulley wakeboard thing?! It looks fun even for this old lady!17 hours ago
Melinda PorchSt.Augustine Fl. @ the beach. Would love to see one from BSR Cable Park. :)17 hours ago
Brandi RecordEvery sunset in Texas is enjoyed anywhere! But especially on some water! Like beach, lake, or esp lazy river!17 hours ago   ·  1
Nakia Shipley McAllisterI'd have to say the best place I enjoyed the sunset is on a beach in Malibu when my husband proposed.14 hours ago
David WillinghamShared!!!! Hope i win this time!!!!!! I love my the sunsets over saginaw texas with the grain mills in the background17 hours ago
Jasmine SmithAt the beach with family when i was a kid sitting in sand watching it come up it an awesome memory to have...17 hours ago
Stephanie Turner-GarciaI got to enjoy a beautiful sunset with my husband on birthday lifetime trip to Catalina. You see I just finished chemotherapy after 1 year, and I'm praying to live that was almost a year ago. I would love to come spend time with my kids and grandsons there. God has great plans no matter what they are.14 hours ago
Magdalena PerezI would love to experience BSR Cable Park14 hours ago
Megan GeorgeI enjoy the beautiful sunset on the farm!16 hours ago

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This plane decided to buzz the Royal Flush this afternoon! Check it out! Ready to have some fun after finals? Common out! #tstc #wacotx #baylor #mcc #txstateuniversity #tamu #bsrroyalflush ... See MoreSee Less

Royal Flush Slide

Royal Flush Slide

World's Best Cable Park

World’s Best Cable Park

We have it all!! We are open every day from 12pm – 8pm come and see us!!!

worlds largest water slide

World’s Tallest Water Slide

BSR Cable Park offers the tallest and longest water slide in the world!

BSR Cable Park - Waco, Texas

Double BackFlip

Check out JB ONeill and crew having a killer set and this amazing double backflip by Max van Helvoort Post by JB ONeill. Post by JB ONeill.


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Kids Wakeboard Camp

Kids Wakeboard Camp

Kids wakeboard camp at BSR Cable Park is your premier wakeboard camp of Texas. We love teaching new riders and helping experienced riders develop new skills.


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